2021-2022 League Results

Cumulative Player Points

Summer Shake Up League

Coming Soon…

We are looking to shake it up this summer in the hopes we will have 3 teams. Check out the details on the “Play Broomball” tab.

Spring Thaw League

Wizards Vs. Team Moon

Team Moon showed no waning as the short Spring season cycled through, sweeping the league, winning the first 4 games over the Wizards. With a clear victory under her belt, the captain of Team Moon, Gina C. agreed to have a little fun in the final week. Sticks were thrown (in the middle), teams were blindly picked, and Mario Battle Broomball commenced with a great way to end a league!

Winter 2022 League

Ron John Sarf Shop & Friends VS. Squad Goals

What a season in the most evenly matched league we’ve seen in a while! With three wins and losses for each team, and a tie in week 2 leading us to calculate Goals For as the tie breaker, Ron, John, Sarf Shop & Friends squeeze in a victory with 17 points total (Squad Goals saw 13 total). Well done to both teams on this tight match!

Fall 2.0 League

Koalified Bears Vs.
The Defenders

The Koalified Bears, lead by captain James, were more than koalified to win the league against The Defenders, lead by captain Andy. The KBs picked up some heavy hitters from Boston University, who proved to be solid assets. The KBs were able to win, doing so with only one loss, one tie and four solid wins.

Fall 1.0 League

The Elbow Brigade vs. The Ballbusters

With the first game favoring The Ballbusters heavily with a 6-2 win, The Elbow Brigade had to change their tactics if they were going to compete.

In the comeback of the century, Elbows came back from losing the first two games, and tying the next two, to sweeping the final three games and taking the W home.

Summer 2021 League

Sheets vs. Winded

In the first League back since the pandemic, a rivalry as old as time reemerged. Sarf captained team “Sheets” with Shannon captaining team “Winded.”

After 7 weeks of battling it out, and wins and losses on both sides, Sarf dominated the league yet again, proving for the 1,000 time that he is the better captain.