Play Broomball in Boston


Boston Broomball Leagues run every 5-7 weeks. Prior to each league, captains draft a team of players from the available pool. Each week, your team will play two, 18-20 minute halfs with, on average, a 10 minute warm-up, and 2 minute half-time.


Occasionally, in lieu of league nights, there will be pick-up games or tournament practices. At pick-up games, if numbers allow, teams will be divided to be as even as possible. (Please be sure to bring a light and dark shirt to pick-up games).


Boston both hosts the Beantown Tournament every year, as well as sends teams and players to tournaments all over the country, and world.

Current League Schedule (As of April 4, 2022)

April is tournament season and we will be using our ice time for team practice. 

**SUMMER(ville) SHAKE-UP LEAGUE 2022**

– Games would be 18 minute halves running time with 2 minute half time starting at 9:40. We would stick to 50 minutes of ice time except for the final week.
5/8: Team 1 Vs Team 2
5/15: Team 1 Vs Team 2
5/22: Team 1 Vs Team 2
6/5: Team 1 Vs Team 2; Team 1 Vs Team 2 < or if the winner of the league has been decided you can shake the teams up for the second game
The cost is $90 for the 5 guaranteed games. Walk-ons are $25/single-game or $40/double header (on the last week). Both walk-ons and subs will be taken on a waitlist basis starting on Monday, and will be told on Sunday morning if they have a spot.
Payments can be made on PayPal to using Friend and Family. If you do not pay, you aren’t technically signed-up and you won’t be drafted.
To sign up, respond in the MA Facebook group, or email us at
Spread the word and let me know if any friends would like to join.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration is easy! Email us at and we can get you registered. You can also join us on Facebook at MA Broomball and let us know there that you are interested in being drafted for a league, AND NEW PLAYERS can sign up using the form below. All players New and Returning need to also sign the waiver. 

Rink Location

April 10 – August Leagues and Pick-up
Veterans Memorial Skating Rink in Somerville
570 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

September ->
Porrazzo Skating Rink in East Boston
199 Coleridge Street, East Boston, MA 02128

Rules and Code of Conduct

Waiver & Code of Conduct:
All players and walk-ons must sign the waiver and player code of conduct (see above), once every year. Players that do not sign, may not play.

Broomball Rules:
In general, in Boston we are honest folk. We do not have refs, and we do our best to play clean and fun games to keep ourselves and our teammates safe. Broomball, for the most part, follows Hockey rules, meaning that high sticks (above the shoulders), slashing, and tripping will not be permitted. We also play with a floating blue line and follow off-sides, as well as icing.

That said, we are all there to play and get the most out of our 50 minutes of ice time. accidents happen and penalties will be determined based on the severity of the crime (aka, if you have a high stick, it doesn’t impact the play, and no one is around you, we play on. If you smack someone in the face with your stick, you get a penalty). 

COVID-19 and Broomball:
Masks are currently required in all indoor spaces in Boston, regardless of vaccination status. Until that changes, masks must be worn on and off the ice at all times.

Recommended Mask Brands: Mission, Athleta, Under Armour, Bauer (clips into your helmet cage). 

What Gear Do I Need?

Helmet – Preferably a Hockey helmet (and preferably with a cage). Per our concussion protocols, all athletes must replace helmets after 5-7 years of use, or after helmet undergoes excessive force. Those with an “expired” helmet are not permitted on the ice. 

Pads – Falling will happen, balls will be shot hard at your body, and sticks will inevitably make contact with limbs. In order to make the game as pleasant as possible, we recommend shin guards, knee pads (or a combination of both), elbow pads, and padded gloves. Some players also choose to wear chest protectors, or hockey padded shorts. Men, don’t forget a cup…
Shoes – Like we said, falling happens. But with Broomball Shoes, it will happen far less often, and you will actually feel like you can move. 
Stick – Hard to play without it. We have players that have extra sticks, and the rink does have a few, but you will find that not all sticks are created equal, and as you play, you might prefer one type of head over another. 

Check out a more detailed list of gear and where you can best find it here: