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Boston players travel all over the country and world both with Boston teams, combined teams, and as individuals playing for other teams. Players who play for Boston’s Co-Rec team – The Midnight Riders – or the Men’s team – The Baystate Seamen – generally play in league or have played in league in the past. If you are interested in traveling for tournaments, join our Facebook group or contact the team managers. For more details about how teams are selected, see our Team Selection Process here.

Several players from Boston representing the USA at Worlds.
They went on to win the B-Championship!
Beantown is back!


  • First 12 teams to submit their deposit are in.
  • Total fee is $695/team (deposit is $400).
  • 17 person roster limit (1 male/female runner is required on the ice at all times). 
  • Email Rich & Cyndy at

Boston has three teams that are managed by various players in Boston, and connections with a good number from all over the country. For details on how the Boston teams are selected, see the Selection Document here


  • Baystate Seamen (C/D) – Boston Team – Managed by: Sahil Gandhi
  • C+ (B) – Mixed Team – Boston Contact: EJ Thorn
  • Eastern Eagles (C) – Pittsburg/Boston Team – Boston Contact: EJ Thorn


  • Agents (A) – Baltimore/Other – 
  • Beast Coast (B) – Pittsburg – 
  • Heroines (B) – Baltimore/Boston – Boston Contact: Cyndy Murphy
  • Minnesota Broomball Program – Minnesota – Boston Contact: Shannon Obey
  • Wicked Sisters (A) – Ohio/Indiana


  • Midnight Riders (A) – Boston – Manager: Sahil Gandhi & Shannon Obey
  • Midnight Raiders (B) – Boston – Manager: Kevin Spiers

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