Get Involved

Boston Broomball, Inc. is a 401-C3, Non-Profit that relies on the support from participants, and volunteers (and donations never hurt), to keep it running. See how you can get involved below!

Join a Committee

Legal & Finance

From helping us with the budget, to insurance applications, to participant waivers, join the Legal & Finance Committee if you have a background in the law, are good with money, or just have a passion for either.

Responsibilities of Legal & Finance Committee

  • Insurance
  • Annual Budget Review
  • Taxes
  • Audits
  • Waivers & Code of Conduct

Marketing & Merchandise

Help us grow Boston Broomball and get the word out about what a great sport Broomball is! Even if you are, say a stock broker, but have a way with graphic design, we have a place for you!

Responsibilities of Marketing & Merchandise Committee

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Plan and Implementation
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Outreach to local organizations and colleges
  • Merchandising

Ice Management & Competition

Managing Leagues, Pick-Up and organizing teams for tournaments is a lot of work and can make anyone’s head spin. If you are an organizer and love spreadsheets, this might be the right place for you to get involved.

Responsibilities of Ice Management & Competition Committee

  • League rates & dates
  • Pick-up dates
  • Resources for players
  • Clinics/Practices
  • Tournament organization & outreach

Party Planning & Events

The PPC is a fun and creative group that wants to emphasize the “All” to Broomball. Join this group if you like organizing parties, end of year “banquets,” enjoy harassing people into coming out, and want to think creatively on how we can expand.

Responsibilities of Party Planning & Events Committee

  • Pub Crawls and Group Nights Out
  • Banquets and trophy distributing
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Working with Marketing to make what they do FUN

Join the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a triad of volunteers who manages Boston Broomball, Inc. which was officially formed as a Non-Profit in 2019, and is responsible for keeping the committees organized and the organization running. Each board member joins for a three-year term, and is voted on by active participants of Boston Broomball. A new member is brought into the BOD each year.

Meet the Board

Kevin Spiers (Term: 2021-2024)

Kevin is excited about welcoming new players and is passionate about all things Broomball. Kevin is personally responsible for introducing a good number of formerly SBS players to the world of full-ice broomball. He also often confuses Broomball with Soccer and is known for kicking the ball around the ice (often around many of his competitors).

Sahil Gandhi (Term: 2019-2023)

Sarf was a founding Board Member of Boston Broomball, Inc. and will be rotating off the board next. Sarf started playing with SBS as a goalie, and has since played every position (even when he isn’t supposed to be). While he may taut an icy exterior, once you go on several 7+ hour roadtrips to tournaments with him, he is a friend4lyfe.

Shannon Obey (Term: 2019-2022)

Shannon was a founding Board Member of Boston Broomball, Inc. and also sits on the Board of the United States Broomball Association as a founding member…I guess she just likes making non-profits. Shannon is probably the one harassing you the most to join a league or come to a tournament in the middle of nowhere.