Winter League Recap

Week 4 Recap

On Superbowl Sunday a small but dedicated crew of players faced off nearly non stop (aside from one sub on one team). Nearly all players shared time defending the nets with no goalies present. Even with the maximum goalie changes and different players in net, the score remained low for a nail biter of a game.  In part due to a number of great goalie saves on both teams. Let’s get into it. Players had extra space with a 4v4 match. There was lots of running and plenty of great passes to stretch the ice. The first goal of the night was quite unexpected.  A slow rolling ball at the goalie took an unexpected hop on rough ice and ended up in the net when NOBODY expected it. (I believe Sarf get’s the point.)  This goal put the Fury behind the Strikers. Up next, Berto fired a strong pass to Tom who wound up for SOLID one timer, deflected off a stick or two, and up and over the goalie’s shoulder.  Nearly every player on the ice rejoiced at this fine play and Tom’s highly sought after first goal. Up next Jeremy H answered for the Fury, picking up an attempted ball clear off the board, he ripped a shot into traffic, off a foot or two and into the net. With time running short the Fury pulled their goalie forward for extra attack pressure. But time ran out giving the Strikers hard fought a 2-1 win.